I sounded so arrogant and conceited

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2021

A few years ago I was asked to get interviewed for a magazine!

WOOHOO, right?!

I was so honored and the whole interview went great...I felt AMAZING...and then I got to take a sneak peak at the video interview before it went live...

I gotta say, I was kinda shocked.

I sounded SO arrogant! So full of myself...It was actually a bit painful to watch. I had already struggled seeing myself on video and hearing my own voice, and now I felt ashamed of my words too.

Who was this person in front of me? She sounded cocky and looked like she was having way TOO much fun tooting her own horn.

Who did she think she was, anyway? Someone special? Someone who's allowed to talk that freely and openly about her beliefs, her accomplishments, and overcoming her struggles?

FUCK NO, that's not me. I'm not allowed to be or say or do that.

But that dear reader, THAT is a total and compete lie.

A lie my nervous system was telling me in the form of cringy embarrassment, shame and...

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