Reclamation of the Divine Feminine through the Body & Sacred Business

"It's time to learn how to emerge IN the dark, not out of it."

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If you're curious about your unique resonance with the medicine in the EMERGE program, complete the application below and, if it's a good fit, I will gift you a FREE cord cutting. This allows me to essentially litmus test your energy in the quantum without the interference of other people's energy, which can distort your field. Once I complete your cord cutting I will reach out and give you feedback about what that transformation looks like for you on an energetic level. This is seriously SO delightful! <3

Powerful woman, you're finally here!

I'm overjoyed you've found yourself here, illuminated by the light of my digital hearth! This is no coincidence; it's kismet.

EMERGE is for you, the highly intuitive, highly empathic, highly driven, highly spiritual woman (or man) who has already made the choice to be more devoted to your vision than your fear. You're ready for your next level in life and sacred business and you know it's time to receive the support you were born worthy of so you can truly EMERGE as the fully embodied, fully empowered version of you (who you truly are).

Being more devoted to your vision doesn't require you to be fearless, it requires you to learn how to walk with your fear and exquisitely hold yourself (and be held) through the fires of transformation instead of pulling yourself out too soon, sometimes right before your manifestations finally trickle down into the third dimension.

Fear and doubt can freeze you in place because what you're calling in still feels too big for your nervous system to hold (i.e. your human). 

But you know it in your bones sharing your unique gifts and medicine (even if you haven't discovered what that fully is yet) is what you were born to do. You might even be able to feel into the quantum deeply enough to access the energy of all of the people waiting for you to show up to unlock them and their unique codes.

That's why I created EMERGE: JOURNEY OF THE WOLF MOON GODDESS, A Reclamation of the Divine Feminine through the Body & Sacred Business. It's time to fill the void within, connect the missing link, and clear the patterns that you keep trying to heal yourself from, but they keep stopping you dead in your tracks...our natural state is the constant evolution and expansion of success in life and business.

I know I'm ready

Apply for a Free Cord Cutting

The first step to seeing if you're a right fit for EMERGE is to complete the below form! If it's a good fit we will set up a FREE cord cutting, where I will clear other's energies that have been distorting your field.


Reclamation of the Divine Feminine through the Body & Sacred Business

EMERGE is a one year container that takes you on a journey into yourself and then back out again as the fully embodied version of you so that you can truly love being in a body experiencing pleasure and play while enjoying your next level of successflow and income in your life and sacred business. 

This fully emerged version of you has already healed her toxic feminine traits of self doubt, self sabotage, imposter syndrome, playing comparison games, hesitation, shame, guilt, people pleasing, silent suffering, perfectionismdifficulty voicing her needs, fear around charging what turns her on and ultra independence (always doing everything herself because she doesn't trust anyone else enough).

EMERGE was made for you if you're ready to lean into the sacred feminine energies of flow, abundance and play by healing your relationship to yourself, healing your relationship to those you love and learning how to joyfully expand and generate abundance in your sacred business itself (your ascension vehicle).


EMERGE is broken down into 3 Standalone Pillar/Courses that can be taken individually though they build upon each other as a whole. 
Each Pillar is 4 months each (weekly pre-recorded modules + weekly live group Q&A support/hot seat mentoring, + time for integration)


Wolf medicine is your guide as you learn how to heal your relationship to yourself by reclaiming safety in your physical body and terrestrial experience on earth (i.e. heal your past and the lens through which you interact and view yourself)


Moon medicine reconnects you with your divine feminine power and cyclical nature by giving you the tools to heal the toxic feminine within yourself and your ancestral line so you can transform your relationship to the world (i.e. heal your relationships to other people, especially those you love the most).


The Goddess shows you how to live in a state of overflow so that you can play in life AND sacred business through the unification of your divine will (masculine and feminine).


THE WOLF lovingly, but powerfully strips you down to your bare skin (metaphorically ;) and sharpens your teeth and claws to realign you with your true nature as a human BEing and sacred feminine leader (i.e. medicine woman)

  • the transformation is HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO YOURSELF by reclaiming safety in your body through your primal instincts/nature using WOLF MEDICINE
  • the core wound we heal is the Mother Wound (everyone has a mother whether they've met her or not) & Rejection/Abandonment Wound
  • we dispel the SHAME around your past, true nature and your own unique gifts
  • you will learn HOW to CHOOSE LOVE for you and hold yourself so you can generate INTERNAL SAFETY & SELF LOVE
  • Or in other words, if you were a chalice leaking your vital life essence (feeling drained by life instead of filled up by it), this is the step where we SEAL ALL OF THE CRACKS & HOLES that continue to drain you


This is what I need


THE MOON bathes you in the moonlight of your own luminous + magical alchemical nature

  • The transformation is HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE WORLD, INCLUDING OTHER PEOPLE through the reclamation of your divine feminine power and cyclical magic using MOON MEDICINE
  • The core wounds we heal are the Healer Wound & Sisterhood Wound
  • We will dispel the GUILT & SHAME around experiencing pleasure in your body and in your life as you learn how to hold exquisite boundaries for yourself and honor your moon cycle and cyclical nature
  • You will become an Energy Alchemist capable of working with the flow of the Universe and your own unique flow to feel deeply SUPPORTED & NOURISHED by your relationships & the world
  • If you were a chalice this is the step where you FILL YOURSELF UP TO THE BRIM WITH your own feminine power + magic
Mmmmmm Yes


THE GODDESS adorns you back into your ancient priestess robes of black, gold and silver 

  • the transformation is CLAIMING YOUR BEST LIFE THROUGH ALIGNED PLAY, PLEASURE + SUCCESS in life and sacred business (your ascension vehicle) using GODDESS MEDICINE
  • the core wounds we heal are the Witch Wound, Money Wound & Father Wound
  • we neutralize the SELF DOUBT & FEAR around taking aligned action and sharing your true self and unique medicine with the world in a way that honors you, your desires and your vision
  • you will learn how to live your life in a way that fills YOU with joy
  • if you were a chalice this is the step where you go into a state of OVERFLOW so you never pollute your sacred medicine with self sacrifice again.
This is what I need

My story, My WHY

EMERGE is a result of healing all of the wounds on my personal journey...

After over a decade long recovery from years of narcissistic abuse at the hands of family members who indoctrinated and gas lit me into their cult.

After suffering abandonment wounds from an alcohol and drug addicted mother who left at a very young age only to jump from physically abusive relationship to abusive relationship because of her childhood trauma of being sexually violated by her step father. 

After living with a lifetime of childhood emotional neglect. I had clothes on my back, but did not receive the emotional, mental and spiritual support I required to flourish. As a result, I have hidden myself away for most of my life. I used fox medicine growing up to become virtually invisible (and it worked).

After burning myself out as a people pleasing, self doubting, over giving empath bouncing between states of functional freeze (i.e. depression), chronic fawn response (i.e. people pleasing) stuck in victim consciousness.

After suffering from depression and anxiety for decades.

I hit a wall. I knew something had to change. I finally started learning how to get out of the hellscape of my mind and melt back into body, the seat of our divine feminine power, our pleasure, our play and our true self intuition.

It hasn't been an easy road, but I have more ease now than ever even when life is challenging and difficult.

I run a very successful sacred business doing energy work, divine feminine sacred embodiment work and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), including acupuncture.

I'm the sole breadwinner of my family and I'm married to the love of my life  with two incredible kiddos, a boy and a girl.

I just moved into my dream home, something I've been manifesting for years.

I've taken risks and made choices I never would have been able to make before I walked this path.

My life is already so sweet, but I know it's just going to get sweeter.

EMERGE came to me in the middle of the night. I awoke and in front of my eyes I saw one word, "EMERGE". My guides told me this was the name of my program and the rest has unveiled itself over time. This program is channeled medicine through the WOLF MOON GODDESS herself. This is her sacred medicine channeled through me. I'm told because I have been walking this path, so now I am ready to teach it and guide others into their own emergence.


I know you've already healed so much...

I know you've already healed so much to get where you are today (I can feel it in the quantum), but now you're ready to dive deeper and expand wider than ever before...to stop stopping yourself. 

Like a tree that deepens her roots right before she grows taller and bigger than ever before. 

The level of expansion you're ready for requires you to make different choices about how you're showing up in the world. 

Medicine women and men are no longer just the heads of physical tribes and villages. They are SACRED SOULPRENEURS and often go into soul aligned business.

You are not just a business owner (or desire to be a business owner), you are a MEDICINE WOMEN OR MAN and your business is your sacred offering to the world. The fire and hearth for others to lay their weary heads down and then take in the medicine that is being channeled through you so that they can heal themselves and show up as who they truly are too. This planet heals when we heal.

But what's truly holding you back? Spirit has shown me how much our masculine driven society has kept us from accessing and embodying the fullest version of ourselves, our divine feminine nature.

So if you've been stuck in your toxic feminine or ultra masculine energy then you will NOT be able to hold and anchor the frequency of light ready to move through you. It will throw you off balance every time you try to anchor into the 3D and make you believe there is something wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you.

But there might be something that you're doing (or not doing) that doesn't work for you.

EMERGE is an alchemical cauldron
 big enough, powerful enough, yet gently loving enough to hold you and guide you through your transformation into the next level in your life and business.

The things you've been calling in (more money, more love, more connection, more expansion, more pleasure, more health, more clients) can't reach you until your subconscious and conscious become unified. Until then, your will is fractured and you will stop yourself sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. 

EMERGE teaches you how to unwind your toxic programming to become the safest woman on the planet for yourself FIRST, which then makes you the safest woman on the planet for everyone you touch, including your loved ones and clients.

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Immediately after I complete your FREE cord cutting to clear your energy of distortions from other people in your life, I'll take a "drop" of your unique energy and a "drop" of the energy medicine in EMERGE and see how they synergistically combine. If they are in resonance, then I will reach out and extend an formal invitation to join EMERGE. You don't have to accept of course and no matter what, the cord cutting is FREE, a heart felt gift from me to you.


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