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Cord Cutting & Incineration Masterclass

This one-hour masterclass is a replay of a live Zoom Erin Ryan channeled for her Monthly Wolf Moon Goddess Membership.

Learn how to perform an energetic cord-cutting and incineration. This timeless technique will be a tool in your healer toolkit for yourself and your clients far into the future.

What you'll get:

  • One Hour Zoom Masterclass replay [Video]
  • Step-by-Step Cord Cutting Instructions for you (PDF)
  • Step-by-Step Cord Cutting Instructions for someone else (PDF)
  • Audio recording of guided Cord Cutting for you (mp3)

What People Are Saying:

Erin your cord cutting ritual was exactly what I needed for this powerful supermoon. Yesterday I was feeling anxious and moody. I am always energetically effected by the full moon my birth sign is cancer. I did the ritual first thing this morning and I feel light and energetic. I also am having some purging like years of shit coming out. Thank you for this. I just had a fibro flare so the heavy dose of prednisone probably added to my emotional state but now I feel great.

Meredith Wojciechowski

That cord cutting you did for me was amazing!! It helped sooo much! That was so wild about my lip. I don’t think I told you but in the past I’ve had we call down here “the mouth of the south” 😅😃🤣 friends have even said if you don’t want anyone to know don’t tell Sarah. That is another reason why that cord was there. I’m so THANKFUL that’s behind me & that cord was cut. I can even talk about it here in the wide open worldwide web for all to see because the shame around it is gone. I’ve forgiven myself & forgiven others for the label & their participation. I have also processed the reasons as to why that energy was able to consume me in first place. PRICELESSSS PEACE, THANK YOU, ERIN!!!! 🙌💫✨💝

Sarah Hayes